I have learned drawing and painting from Matthew Archambeault, adjunct instructor and artist from School Of Visual Arts New York City  2011- 2017 via online teaching and weekly video critiques.

Also three months one to one coaching by Matthew Archambeault.


Courses from Aarhus Kunstakademi with certificate:

1. Marathon Croquis 2010 and 2011

2. Intensive Color Theory 2011

3. Inspiration Course 2012

Glenn Villpu Masterclass 2015, Viborg Animation School.


Member of the artist group: Kunstnergruppen Slottet, Horsens since 2017.



Gimsinghoved Juried Autumn Exhibition 2014

Tørring/Uldum Juried Autumn  Exhibition 2014

Hillerød Juried Spring Exhibition 2015

Limfjorden's Easter Exhibition 2015

Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling ( KS15) , Artists Summer Exhibition 2015, Janusbygningen

Bjerringbro Open Juried Exhibition 2015 and 2016


Books: 101 Kunstnere 2016


I am an artist and dentist based on one of the beautiful shores in Denmark.

I live with my husband, our two youngest kids and a Golden Retriever. The eldest son left home a few years ago.

I have always been drawing and painting, but nothing professional , because my main focus was my family.

Today my kids are big, and I have had the luck to find learning opportunities online. This means my drawing and painting skills have improved and now I'am ready to take commissions and sell my art work.

I am inspired by artists like  Krøyer, Carl Larsson,  Arthur Rackham, Alphonse Mucha, Hammershøi, The French Impressionists, Botticelli and James Jean.

They have all had an impact on, how I paint today.

I grew up in a creative home. My mother is a painter and my father was a writer.

I am also living in a creative environment today. My husband likes to take pictures and my kids are into designing, playing music and writing.

My subject matter is everything organic. People, animals and nature, drawn or painted in a delicate way.

I work with traditional mediums, like pencils, watercolor and oil painting. I am a romantic person, who loves the craftsmanship in the old mediums.

A person who has had a big influence on my work is my teacher and mentor Matthew Archambeault, who is based in New York and work as adjunct instructor at School of Visual Arts, Manhattan. He owns  I have had more than 300 video critque's of my work and followed his instructional videos on the site.

Matthew says this: 

" -  I encourage Anne each week to follow her dreams. I encourage Anne each week to pursue selling her art. Her art is certainly very professional. I believe it deserves to be shown in galleries. I also believe Anne’s work would be perfect for book illustrations. Being a professional illustrator for over eighteen years makes you keenly aware of the talent within another professional. Anne is certainly a professional artist in my book. Something tells me that Anne will always be learning new skills for the rest of her life. Something we can all be inspired by."

Matthew Archambault, Owner and Creator of Drawing Tutorials Online




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    Visiting  the exhibition "The Slave Epic" by Alphonse Mucha in Prague 2012.


Visiting  the exhibition "The Slave Epic" by Alphonse Mucha in Prague 2012.